colnb2Based on Risk and Protective Factors research, the New Beginnings Mentoring Initiative systematically incorporates mentor advocacy into the program’s design. An enhancement of our existing mentoring program, The COPE Project, New Beginnings specifically targets at-risk youth, ages 11-15, who reside in the Greater Baton Rouge area; in an effort to build protective factors and prevent juvenile delinquency.

Through the New Beginnings Mentoring design, the mentoring relationship will assist youth with strengthening and applying skills for effectively coping with stress, connect the youth with positive community-based settings (e.g. after-school centers), support the youth’s academic success through advocacy carried out in collaboration with the youth’s parents, and, more generally, provide the youth with support for achieving his or her short-term and long-term goals.

We are currently recruiting mentors and mentees to participate. For more detailed information about New Beginnings, please contact us.

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