What is SIHLE?

Sistas Informing, Healing, Living, and Empowering

SIHLE is a group level, peer-led training intervention aimed at reducing HIV sexual risk behavior among teenage females, ages 14-18. An adaptation of the SISTA intervention, SIHLE emphasizes ethnic and gender pride, and enhances awareness of HIV risk reduction strategies such as abstaining from sex, using condoms consistently, and having fewer sex partners. It consists of four 3-hour sessions, delivered by two peer facilitators (ages 18-21) and one adult facilitator in a community-based setting. The sessions are gender-specific, culturally relevant and include behavioral skills practice, group discussions, lectures, role-playing, and take-home exercises.

*Funding for Face to Face’s SIHLE Program is provided by the Louisiana Office of Public Health HIV/STD Program.


We can’t wait to bring SIHLE to your city. If you have a group of girls in the Greater Hammond area, all you have to do is get your young ladies, ages 14-18, together and we will bring the fun to them. Our participants always have a blast! Email us at facetofacecenter@yahoo.com or call 225-828-4820 and we will make it happen!